Factors to consider when choosing a solar street light model


You can use the sun in various ways, like enjoying its feel on your body or using the heat to provide lights. One of the best ways of utilizing the sun’s heat is to provide street lights. Solar lights come in handy when outdoor lightings fail to work. But some individuals keep wondering whether using solar for street lighting can be as effective. Depending on the solar street light model you choose, solar street lights work well. A solar streetlight supplier who offers the most effective lights will have many years of experience in the field. You need to research thoroughly to find a reliable supplier with the proper solar street light model. Read through the article to get insights on what to look for in the best solar model.

Factors You Need To Consider

If you are a first-time buyer, you may not know what to look for when purchasing a solar street light. It is critical to consult professionals who will give you the best advice when choosing the best model. Remember that although the initial cost may be higher, you will save a lot of cash yearly from installing a solar panel. Below are some tips to guide your decision:

1. Type of Panel You Want

Before you purchase the right model, you need to decide where to install the solar panel. You can also hire an expert to help properly investigate the area and recommend the ideal place to put the panel. Additionally, they will check if your roof needs solar racking. Deciding whether you want the solar panel on your roof or not will help you choose the model that suits your needs. Keep in mind that if you want several panels, the installation costs will be higher.

2. Warranty

You need to know the manufacturer’s warranty on the model you wish to buy. Ask the supplier questions regarding the warranty of the panels before you decide. The best model should have a warranty for an extended period, say ten years or more. A warranty often covers almost half of the product’s lifespan; therefore, you can trust solar panels with longer warranties.

3. Cost 

Comparing prices of different models will enable you to find a quality solar panel within your budget. Most times, low-quality brands will be cheap while excellent-quality products will be more expensive. You need to avoid dealing with scammers as they sell fake solar panels that do not last.

4. Power

The power output of solar panels varies. It is better to buy a model with high power output as it will be more efficient. You should note that such models will also be larger and costly.

5. Type of Battery

Solar panels need batteries to function, so ensure you get a model that uses strong and durable batteries. The best batteries should last for many years and should be temperature-resistant. With these properties, the batteries can withstand extremely high temperatures without spoiling. 

6. Model’s Certification

Certified solar panels will have the essential specifications for proper functionality and performance. Check the product’s certification to ensure it was thoroughly tested in a top-rated laboratory.


The information will help you decide on the solar street model that you will buy. Take your time to investigate and choose a product that will meet your requirements. It will ensure you get value for your money.

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