Orion Hunting Light

How to Choose an Orion Hunting Light That Will Keep You and Your Companion Safe


The Orion hunting lights are an important part of your weapon of choice when going hunting. Many people use these lights in various situations like when they are just after some wild animals, or for practice at the range. You can get the best types for your needs depending on what you are hunting. Here are some things to know about these wonderful products.

The Orion hunting light comes in two varieties, the M30 and the M40. The M30 is probably the most popular predator light there is in the marketplace because of its brightness of 730 lumens. It’s one of the newest additions in the product line of Orion hunting lights. It comes in green and red. It also comes with advanced high-performance rechargeable batteries that are easily replaceable.

For use at night, the M40 is great for monitoring various scents. The two different varieties are equipped with different beam patterns. The green light is useful in monitoring ground lighting. The red light is great for spotting things from a distance and is also good for searching for game. Because it has an intense beam, you need to use this type of hunting flashlight for further distances.

Both models have one thing in common. They have side-focus parabolic targets for greater accuracy. If you don’t want to waste your time searching for a game, you can focus on the target itself and eliminate it much more quickly. This is a huge benefit because you can literally eliminate the animal in a matter of seconds. For use at night, you can count on the high beam that will illuminate the entire area you are hunting.

Unlike regular hunting flashlights, the Orion uses much higher intensity lights so you get alerted much faster. In fact, you can activate and turn off these lights with just one press of a button. These special LED lights make it easy to work at any time of the day and night because they produce very little light.

You might be asking why you need to buy an additional hunting lights mount. The answer is simple: you don’t want to be limited by the size of your chosen scope. When you add a rail mount, you can adjust the brightness and diameter of your optic to better suit your requirements. The rail mount is also attached to the handle of the flashlight and uses a small but strong motor to increase brightness and improve battery life.

With a pressure switch, you can turn the illumination on and off from a remote control. Most products offer a single-push button operation but you can opt for wildfire 350 lumens that offers double-push button operations. Once the windfire is charged, you can use it even on a night when your batteries are dying out. When you have it in “tactical mode”, the windup flashlight doubles as a charging unit. The light will last up to 4 hours under low light conditions.

Another benefit of using rechargeable LED light is that it will not damage your vehicle’s battery. If you’re planning to go on a long hunting trip, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality set of LED lights. While they’re expensive, they are worth the price. You’ll appreciate the crisp, clear image produced by these devices during your next hunting trip. This company also makes a matching carrying case and holster.

If you want something with a little less weight, try the look folding bib. It’s lightweight and folds conveniently into your bag for easy transportation. Like the windfire, it produces good color in an affordable way. These models come in either red or green and are great for backpacking trips where multiple people will be hunting.

A smart charger is included with most of the models and makes it simple to recharge the device. One great feature is the presence of a built-in smart charger that automatically charges the batteries when the unit is put to use. If the hunting season is long and your supplies are running low, you won’t need to worry about how to get more batteries for your light. You can simply plug it in the charger and go.

If you use a single high-intensity LED light, get a pair that produce high brightness at a reasonable price. The best models offer a brightness level of 1500 lumens, which is more than sufficient for most coyote hunting applications. These models also offer a three hour battery life and a one thousand foot throw distance. They’re not ideal for all applications, but if you regularly hunt these large game birds, you can benefit from the compact size, high brightness, and long range brightness of a quality Orion hunting light.

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