How to Install a Unique Geometrical Chandelier Light

How to Install a Unique Geometrical Chandelier Light


The Gold Orion 5 is a unique and rather remarkable light fixture that offers class and style to any room. This unique geometrical Chandelier was designed by artist Kari Lynn over a ten year period. After developing the Gold Orion 5 in her studio, she felt it would be a great idea to sell it to others who may not have the artistic ability to design their own lighting fixtures. She offers this beautiful five-piece light fixture to those who appreciate beauty and elegance.

The Gold Orion 5 – Light Unique Geometric Chandelier comes with a twenty-four hour electrical timer and comes equipped with four individually dimmable bulbs. The four individually dimmers allow you to set the level of light you desire. The twenty-four hour timer ensures that your fixture is always ready for use when you need it. It is also easily recognizable as being from the “Sculpture of Light” collection of Gold Orions. This Gold Orion fixture is perfect for rooms such as the bedroom or study, the bathroom or family room, or even the kitchen if one of your guests happens to drop in unexpectedly.

The Gold Orion 5 comes complete with instructions for its installation, which are relatively easy. It is recommended that if you are going to use this fixture to hang a television or some other ceiling fixture that you first install the proper cable wiring beforehand. This is especially true if you are going to use the cable wiring to power up the light itself. There are some dangers with using the electricity to power up a light fixture. Therefore, you should only use this method if you are experienced.

Before mounting the light fixture to the ceiling, take some time and consider how your ceiling and walls will be oriented when the light fixture is installed. Be sure that any nearby fixtures such as wall sconces or other ceiling fixtures will not interfere with your installation. The Gold Orion 5 is very versatile and can be used to accent any room in the home. In fact, it is so versatile that you can outfit every room in your home with one of these beautiful light fixtures.

To begin, take the Gold Orion 5-in-One Light and gently place it on the ceiling, making sure to center the fixture on the ceiling. Once it is centered, unhook the two cables that attach to the base of the light fixture. These cables should be kept within a small area of the base so that they will not get tangled up with one another. You will need to reattach them after the base is secure. Re-hanging the base should not be difficult.

Next, you should hang a ceiling fan above the Gold Orion 5 – In One Light. Once this fan is in place, connect the ends of the cables that are attached to the base to the ceiling fan. Be sure that when you attach these cables to the fan, they are facing down. By doing this, you will ensure that the light fixture will shine down upon whatever you are lighting.

Finally, you will hang the Gold Orion 5-In-One Light from the ceiling using the included finial system. Make sure that the finial supports are level at all points. This will ensure that the fixture will not be at an angle when it is pointed upward at your ceiling. When finished, you can then attach any necessary equipment to the ceiling, including a dimmer switch.

If you like, you can personalize your Gold Orion 5-In-One Light. There are strips and hooks available that will allow you to place it on a shelf or mantel. You can also paint it but make sure that you choose a white paint that will not be absorbed into the glass bulbs within the light fixture. You can even purchase special LED lights that will glow under your Gold Orion 5 – In One Light and highlight the unique geometric shapes of the light fixture.

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